Thursday, June 30, 2011


Book Soulmates

This was my first time participating in Random Acts of Kindness which turned out to be such an exciting month! Although I didn’t receive anything, I did send out a book. After looking at a bunch of wish lists I decided to order Beastly by Alex Flinn to Kel at Enchanted Books. She has a very cute Beauty and the Beast themed blog, so I thought it would be fitting to send her a retelling of the story.

Click on the picture to the right for more information about R.A.K. and how you can be a part of it.

EDIT: Kel HAD a very cute Beauty and the Beast themed blog. Of course she changed it when I posted this. Haha!


  1. That's typical. I always talk about how awesome something was and say: "Yeah, look here: "" and then they open it and say: "Well, yes.. 404 - The page you were looking for does not exist?" :D

    Can you post your wishlist for July & do you read ebooks, too? :) I might be able to send you a RAK! =)


  2. Haha! It must be a curse.

    Oh! That is so sweet of you! I don't have an e-reader so I can't accept any e-books unfortunately :/ But Book Depository ships free to my country. Here's my wishlist:

  3. I'm right now writing an email. Check our inbox in 10 minutes or so! =)

    New follower here, too. Btw. :)

  4. Got your mail :) Thanks for following my blog!

  5. Hi~! *waves* Thank you for visiting my blog! I love yours, so pretty.. and the way you do WWW is just fantastic :D
    I'm a new follower!

    As for RAK last month was my first, but I didn't get anything.. maybe I'll have more luck in July! :)

    See you around!

  6. Evie: Thanks :D I hope you get some books in July!

  7. Shiver should arrive soon! :) Hope you'll enjoy it!